Friday, January 28, 2005

Emotional Security and Wellbeing

There are those who believe that at this precise point in time, I should really be feeling like one of the following:

OK, yeah I've invested a lot of time in building up somebody else's emotional and spiritual well being, and yes I did become emotionally interested, only to be firstly treated like a romantic yo-yo, and eventually left out in the cold, but do you know what? With God on-board, even the most mortal blows can sometimes seem like a pin-prick.

It's either that, or I'm just getting to a point in life where I can handle being treated like crud, in a mature and adult fashion.

You see, when you write a note saying how you feel about somebody (who already knows from the times you've told them), what do you do when you get a mixed reaction? Well in response to my message, I was completely blanked the following day... and yet on Tuesday morning, you get a note in the post admitting they've been backing off but they still want to be good friends, what would you do?

I personally decided that actions speak louder than words, and I called time on it. You see, it's quite possible, when she's finished chasing her rainbows that she'll come back and do the same thing again. It's not healthy for her to do that, and it certainly isn't healthy for me to let her do it to me.

Do any of you remember the film Apollo 13? There's a bit in that film when two of the astronauts come over from the LEM to join Kevin Bacon's character in the capsule. There is a big yellow post it note saying "NO!" on it. He wrote that because he was getting scared and thought he might freak out and blow the others into space yo save his own hide. Well that's how I'm treating this. What happened on Sunday was rude, and out of order, and I will completely back off now because of that. It's conceivable that if this friendship survives, it will take time to heal. But I'm keeping the note I received, and I'll tell you why... it's my "NO" sticker. If she comes to me now, having changed her mind... the door is shut.

I am free.

I'm not bitter at all about this, in fact I'm surprised at how quickly I've recovered. However I will maintain a safe distance from her.

But now the fun begins... no single er lets say 22-31 woman in Christendom (solid faith in Christ required) is safe now.

All joking aside, I'm back... and it's about time!


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