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About Nick

Nick Payne
Nick was born and raised in the South Warwickshire Roman market town of Alcester. He was brought up in the Anglican faith, educated in the Roman Catholic tradition and also spent time exploring the Free Church movement whilst growing up. This fusion of different backgrounds and approaches to spirituality under the umbrella of the Christian faith provided a crucible in which Nick could question, explore and develop his own ideas and beliefs. Nick is currently a licensed lay preacher in the Church of England and is a regular worshipper at St. Mary Magdalene Church Great Alne, which is part of the Alcester Minster group of churches.

Nick & R2D2
Nick is a devout fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Nick is an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy and counts himself a fan of many genre franchises including but not limited to Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Smallville. He enjoys listening to a variety of musical genres but is especially fond of alternative rock and film scores. Nick is a regular user of various social media, platforms and has been blogging since 2005 at Nick's Sanctuary.

Nick in Superman's Fortress of Solitude
Nick's Sanctuary is in many ways
modelled on the concept of Superman's
Fortress of Solitude

Nick's Sanctuary began in 2005 on the Windows Live Spaces platform. The original concept was to create an online space where Nick could explore his faith openly and share his opinions and thoughts about events in the wider world. It was very much modelled on the idea of the Fortress of Solitude from the Superman mythos. Essentially it is a place grounded in the themes, reality, central beliefs and core values that are important to Nick, where anyone can visit and find rest and hopefully a bit of wisdom.

Eugene Peterson,when referring to the time the Old Testament hero David, was a fugitive running from the maniacal King Saul (David went up to a sanctuary in a town called Nob to take refuge, you can read about it here), touched upon what he believed a sanctuary is all about. Peterson wrote that:
"A sanctuary is... where I, like David, get bread and a sword, strength for the day and weapons for the fight."
 And that in a nutshell is what Nick's Sanctuary is all about.

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