Sunday, January 30, 2005


Well, I decided to take a break from my own church at Great Alne this morning. Simple fact of the matter is, that there wasn't a service there... it was a united benefice service at Coughton, and I didn't feel like going, as I find services there are too liturgically heavy. I also take issue with that church's stance with regard to freemasonry. Having read up on the subject, I do not feel it's appropriate for Christians to associate themselves with masonic organisations... and yet Coughton hosts the annual midlands area service for the Freemasons.
Which brings me to another point. I get very depressed at the notion of secular minded people having authority in the Church. It's no secret that I resent the fact that Tony Blair (or any PM for that matter... but especially Tony Blair), has the final say on the appointment of every Anglican bishop. He claims he is a Christian, and yet he condones taking advice from a new age guru. My opinion is that he actually is a polytheist. He has a very Roman approach to theism. Basically all beliefs are equal and the same. Well, maybe they are in the world's view, but if you try and align them all together, you just get nonsense. If you believe something, you shouldn't have to feel pressurised to put it into a cosmic blender, just so that it agrees with everyone else. Dare to be different.
In the end, I plumbed for going to Astwood Bank church, I have a couple of friends there, and I felt it was important, after last weeks episode, to touch base with them and let them know I was OK. I know at least one of them was concerned for my well being, and had been praying for me. Important note their folks... if you know someone is praying for you, it's good to let them know that it's appreciated... it's encouraging to do so.
I think I may have stumbled across the oldest recorded hymn in Christendom. They were singing something the words of which were written by some bloke called Aurelius... who lived from the mid fourth, to the early fifth century AD. Jinkies!

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