Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kicking up a Sentimental Storm

I just wanted to apologise if you have come to my blog in a strange manner.

Article I am tagging are appearing all over the shop in places like Technorati yet they don't appear to be fresh.

What is going on?

Well relax, it's not some technological faux pas... it's me causing trouble as is customary.

Payne by name, pain by nature!

I am gradually going through my old blog at MSN Spaces and migrating my old blogs. You may consider this a waste of time, but I didn't want this place to be a fresh start, I wanted it to be a repository for all my thoughts from when I first started blogging. My MSN Space is pretty useless, by the time the front page loads... any interested party has given up and gone home a long time ago.

I hope the blogger experience will prove faster, more efficient, more fruitful and more importantly... I hope it gives off more of a personal feel. I'm not good at Template design but I steered clear of existing templates because I don't want this place to be something that looks like it's come off a conveyer belt.

So I'm sorry for all the old blogs that are coming in, but while you are here you may as well take a look at them or just browse through my various meanderings.. They chronicle a two year journey of faith and relationships, I've done my best to eliminate dross and have only brought across choice cuts. I felt it was important to give people an opportunity to see what I was like back in time, in order that they may understand who and where I am today.

Have fun poking about the place and normal service will resume shortly.

God bless


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