Friday, January 12, 2007


Well this is the first chronologically true post I have done for some time. For the past week or so, I have been busy importing - post by post, the best parts of my old blog (well all except a poem entitled "The Jester" which MSN seemingly deleted).

What is quite interesting is that the experience has been very much like being trapped in a cocoon. While a caterpillar lies in the darkness of its chrysalis, there is no external input... it can only be introspective.

In a way, that is what my recent blogging experiences have been like. As I have browsed through nearly two years of blogging, I have been forced to reflect upon the experiences, thoughts and feelings I have publicly shared over that time. The strange thing is, it is almost as if I lay a road before me. Many of the things I shared, I did so to benefit other people who might chance upon my blog and read it. My hope was that I would bless others.

However, I have realised that a lot of the lessons I shared, I have learned or started to learn myself... all over again in new ways. It kind of reminds me of the film Shadowlands (based on the love that grew between C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham). At the beginning of the film, Lewis (played by Anthony Hopkins), lectures people on pain. His words are theologically correct... but through the course of the film, Lewis falls in love with Gresham and is forced to confront deep pain himself when she is diagnosed with cancer and eventually dies.

Sometimes we learn on one level... but have to go back again to learn the same lessons on a deeper, passionate and more intimate level.

Sometimes you can find yourself relearning the same things many times over.

It depends how important the lesson is I guess.

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  1. Wow Nick, this is amazing. I have just finished a post and I realised that I've had to hear certain lessons again and again. And here;s your blog saying the same thing. Guess God's trying to tell me something and is letting me know it's no coincidence. Thanks.


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