Saturday, January 13, 2007

State of the Union Address

No... not the President of the United State's annual speech, but my own thoughts and concerns about the state of the relationship between the nations that make up the United Kingdom.
It all started this afternoon when I read the main story on the BBC News website:

From reading that, I started to browse the comments in the "Have Your Say" page relating to the story, I even left a comment myself.

What I read there saddened me greatly.

There are clearly a lot of angry people on either side of the England/Scotland border. Those who are Scottish are angry that they do not have a fully independent identity and economy. Meanwhile, those who are English are angry at the amount of Scottish MP's voting on matters that only affect England... and the payment of large subsidies to support the Scottish economy.

I'm not with either of those groups.

I am perhaps one of the most unusual pro-union people I know. I identify myself as British, not English. I love my brothers and sisters in Scotland and Wales and feel more connected to our common Celtic heritage, than I do to the stereotypical Edwardian idea of Englishness. In my eyes... we are one.

It's like a marriage that is starting to go a sour. The parents argue and the children are forced to choose which parent they wish to go with; whilst the loudmouthed angry nationalists on either side of the fence are quick to boast of their proud choices, they pay little heed to those of us who would feel orphaned by such a choice.... and I'm not talking genetics here (both my parents are of Anglo-Saxon stock), I'm talking about social identity.

Should the day come when a national divorce occurs (and I do not believe such a thing could ever be wrought peaceably), I won't be flying the cross of St. George first and foremost... I will still treasure the Union flag above it...

...even if it means I am the last of the British.


  1. Anonymous8:22 pm

    To us Yanks, it seems almost impossible to think of Scotland as being separate from England. I mean if the two Irelands can finally begin to work together, admittedly with fits and starts, it would seem shocking that Scotland would want independence from the UK.

  2. Anonymous10:27 pm

    If the Scots want to vote to rule themselves, who is anybody else to get involved? As an Englishman, I understand the harm that my 'nation' has inflicted on other countries over the centuries.

    Hey Mr American, I think you should be repatriated into the Empire.

    People want to be ruled by localish people who care about the same things. And we'll all still do okay from the European subsidies, United Kingdom or not. :)

  3. Anonymous7:26 am

    Thanks for stopping by my site, Nick.
    Good post, from another clueless American!

  4. I like the Babylon 5 closure of your MSN space, very good!

    Nice blogger blog.

  5. anonymous... I'm not entirely sure you realise I am a British citizen and not American. I assure you this is the case and so the scenario will affect me.

    Besides my post was less about the legal ramifications of a split and more about the sadness and loss of identity I would personally feel.

    Also, you indentify yourself as English which actually highlights the point I was making. I don't see myself as English but British.

    There are people in both Wales and Scotland who I feel a closer bond with, than I do the English. The same goes with elements of our cultures.

    Were Great Britain to go the way of the dinosaur, in terms of legally recognised status... I'm afraid I'd still insist on being British... because (at least in an Earthly sense), that is what I indentify myself as and that is who I am.

    If push came to shove I'd have to gone step further and list myself as a Dobunnic tribesman. :-)

  6. requesting a little help that is nothing to do with this post.... how do you delete comments??? that would be very helpful to know :-D


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