Monday, December 18, 2006

Is the Bad News Over?

So police have arrested a man - Tom Stephens, over the murder of 5 prostitutes in Suffolk. I have been praying for a swift and accurate resolution to the case since the middle of last week.

I only hope they've got their man.

Earlier the BBC were a little lax with the story and published it on their website with the name, age and photograph of the man held, citing their source. If the man turns out to be innocent and released... what might the BBC say in their defence if the man receives pages and pages of abusive messages on account of their faux pas?

As yet I appear to be the only person who has picked up on this error. I just re-checked the story. They appear to have put the aforementioned image back up now.

My guess though is that the police would not have named him if they weren't confident that this was the man they were after.

In unrelated news, hopes of a resolution to the investigation side of Baby Lilly's death have been raised after the police arrested, questioned and subsequently bailed a South Warwickshire woman on suspicion that she had concealed a birth. Lilly herself rests in peace in Great Alne, at the church I attend. Sadly, it turns out that a 16 year old girl has admitted giving birth to another baby and concealing the birth... resulting in a police search of a quarry in Worcestershire. Twice in one year - this is terrible!

However in all these cases, it would appear that an end is in sight and for that we must be grateful. I will continue to pray about the Suffolk murder enquiry until I feel certain that police have brought the inquiry to a successful conclusion.


  1. That is so scary. Just to think that there is someone out there capable of killing that many people.
    The whole idea of click and comment Monday is to visit at least 5 blogs and just leave a nice little comment. Usually you click on another blog that the person has on the sidebar and just keep clicking away.
    Thank you for stopping by my site. Have a happy holiday.

  2. Anonymous12:53 am

    Nick, found you're new blog! My mac seems to like this one much better (your myspace used to freeze my computer!)
    Thanks for the card, you are very organised! I just got back to London and haven't really moved around much, trying to sleep... will change that link!


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