Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Hardest Part

"And the hardest part was letting go, not taking part." - Coldplay

I've just got back from The Maze Scripture Union Camp holiday in Brackley. I had an excellent time and it was great to see God at work in people's lives. I think I've just about recovered (having accumulated 13 hours sleep in the 24 hours since I got back), but being weary is not the hardest part of going to the Maze every year. I would gladly trade my day job in if I could spend my days with those people doing God's work for the rest of my born days. I can honestly say I love that team... both as a collective and as individuals. Yes I get on with some more than others, but each one of them holds a special place in my heart. In most cases, I have only shared company with the team members over a matter of weeks (if that), and yet it feels like I've known them for so much longer. In many cases we know each other's boundaries, personal limits, gifts and weaknesses... and we work together to further God's glory using them.

It's great to be involved in a multitude of ways, be that preaching on Galatians 6, using Doctor Who to illustrate the Gospel message, walking people round a prayer map of the UK, having a one to one, relieving a weary person of night duty or just having a kickaround with young people. I believe it is vitally important to convey the importance of knowing and loving God deeply and truly to today's teenagers, lest they end up being dragged into the same darkness that appears to have taken so many of my own generation.

Now we come to the hardest part - the time when I have come home and now have to let go for another year. The reason I find it so hard is that at the Maze I find it easier to be myself. I can be as random as I am reputed for and yet I can still be as serious and pertinent as God needs me to be when required. It is my gift, who I am... the person who darts about like a lunatic and then when you least suspects it comes in with a theological hammer blow.

Back at home I find it hard to operate using my gifts and talents, there aren't many opportunities for them to be used or people just aren't as receptive. It's hard because while I'd gladly live out my days doing the kind of stuff at the Maze... I find that only rarely do I get a chance to shine and do my part for my God.

The enemy was busy this year, but God was even busier. I look forward to growing in Christ in the coming year and doing even more to further the Gospel at camp next time.

My thanks go out to all who prayed for me.

God bless


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