Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wolf is at the Door

I day I have long feared coming is finally upon us. Earlier today I logged on to the BBC Election coverage page for my constituency and saw... this:

That's right, for the first time as far as I can remember... the "British" National Party are fielding a candidate for Stratford-on-Avon's parliamentary seat in just a little over four weeks.

Truthfully, although I am genuinely grieved in my spirit, this really didn't surprise me and as mentioned previously, I've been bracing myself for it... mainly for three reasons.

Firstly I've known for some time that there is a small clique of BNP supporters in Stratford-upon-Avon. During the last Local/District/European elections, I saw one of the terraced houses along Birmingham Road bearing a supporters window sticker. I've also seen the telltale red buboes on the Google Map of leaked BNP supporter locations... and while I am thankful that my own hometown has no official support... I am angered that Stratford and other local towns do have BNP supporters.... even if it's a minimal number, one supporter is one too many!

Secondly, thanks to their atrocious successes in Europe last year, the BNP now has a more substantial war chest and has the resources to expand their influence by fielding more candidates across the country.

Thirdly, the Conservatives decision to elect an Iraqi born Kurd as their candidate has ruffled the feathers of some of the more traditional core vote... and what has almost exclusively been a Tory safe seat... now looks just a little wobbly (especially when you consider that there are feelings of antipathy towards the town's contingent of Conservative district councillors... and the Tory control of the council is  largely supported by their councillors in outlying towns. This antipathy could easily impact on the General Election seat result).

I wouldn't be so concerned, but many voters in the area being quite, quite racist.

Given his background, many have asked if Nadhim Zahawi is Muslim. I am told by my sources that he is at least nominally speaking, a Christian and that his family escaped the Saddam Hussein regime by the skin of their noses. Although that's nice and favourable to someone of a Christian background,  that someone of the faith should be representing is in Parliament... why that should matter in a secular election is beyond me. It certainly didn't matter when John Maples took the seat, or Alan Howarth... but then they weren't foreign nationals and they "ticked all the right boxes" in terms of appearance and cultural perception.

Some of the "smarter" critics cite the fact that Mr Zahawi would be more palatable if he had moved into the area previously and had some working knowledge of the people of Stratford. Isn't it funny that this same argument didn't matter one jot when John Maples was drafted from Lewisham!

I'm not a Conservative supporter, I leave my direct political allegiances deliberately ambiguous (largely because there is no "nearest fit"... although I'm sure my beliefs and opinions on various political issues are quite clear). However once your MP is elected you make the best of what you've got. On two occasions I've written to John Maples and on both occasions I have felt that my opinion has been ignored and his interpretation of what I had expressed was all that mattered. In short, he was the patrician and I was the plebeian. He came across as a typical Tory. Now Zahawi in his PR comes across as someone who genuinely wants to know the opinions of those around him... so I already prefer him to the predecessor.

Although I don't particularly want to be troubled on the doorstep... I am keen to know what makes all the [reasonable] candidates buzz and which ones best represent my views.

Anyway back to my main point. Zahawi is the perfect target for the BNP. If they can pull of the darkest of unholy miracles and claim the seat... it would become like the sounding of a feudal horn. In their warped and deluded tiny little minds, it would be an endorsement of their opinions... and a declarataion that Middle England could be swayed to their vile opinions. The Daily Telegraph has a flawed application on Facebook that gives you the nearest political party match based on opinion. However it only matches on one scale... and so even if you [rightly] find their social policies repulsive, you can score quite highly with the BNP (because their economics are middle of the road).
God forbid anyone uses that app to sway their decision making on polling day. All things being equal, my current prediction is that Stratford will be a Conservative hold... albeit with a significantly reduced majority.

As for the BNP.... now that we know the wolf has come to our door, we can prepare for battle. We can wait for the BNP to begin their campaign in earnest and shoot them dow at every opportunity.  have special vitriol for the BNP... they constantly try to misappropriate Christian favour by misquoting scripture and suggesting that the unpopularity they suffer is on some level akin to the suffering of Christ and the early Church.

The BNP are not martyrs... they are morons and they certainly do not speak for Christians or Christ!

There is a wolf at the door... and I intend to slay it and take it's pelt!


  1. Info on BNP candidate George Jones:

    The BNP candidate is George Jones, who lives some distance away in Kenilworth, as he has done for the best part of three decades.

    George has a long history in extreme right wing politics. In the late-1970’s he was a member of the British Movement, then run by “Mad Milkman” Michael McLoughlin, but somehow became associated with former members of the National Party splinter group in Coventry and Warwick – notably with Michael Cole, the National Party’s hyperactive (and not entirely trusted) Warwick organiser, and also with Robert Relf, the Leamington “race rebel” imprisoned for displaying a sign declaring his house for sale to “English people only”.

    Relf had long been associated with the British Movement and Colin Jordan (who lived in nearby Coventry), while Cole, who – like Relf – made no secret of his Nazi views, eventually found his way to Denmark to help in the running of a now forgotten Nazi organisation.

    Jones, Cole and Relf were also close associates of the hardline elements within Coventry National Front, who followed John Tyndall into the BNP’s New National Front predecessor.

    Like most of the racists in the Coventry/Warwick area, keen rambler George had an abiding interest in all things Nazi. We feel pretty sure that if George’s interest in such dubious matters is on-going then he may well have neglected to mention as much to the electors of Long Lawford and New Bilton – as he may well have neglected to mention the contents of a letter published by the Leamington Courier all those years ago, still existing as yellowed archival hard-copy, wherein George suggested that the release into the air on a favourable wind of a few grammes of a certain noxious substance would solve the problem of Third World overcrowding at a stroke.


    Found at

  2. Roger I have to thank you for supplying this information. It's valuable research and a good resource to begin fighting back against the BNP when they start spouting their hate.

    It's no good just shouting people down... you have to have the tools to do the job. You don't go to war without weapons and that link is a very good start!

    Thanks once again!


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