Sunday, July 23, 2006

To All Things An End...

I should have seen it coming... in fact I believe in a way, I did.

This morning at approximately 10:30 AM my car hit a greasy patch, struck a kerb and managed to spin itself face first into a crash barrier (ironically I'd regained control at this point and had the barrier not been there I would have been able to brake the car to a halt on some grass as I was only doing 30). I was actually en-route to church at the time. It must have looked worse than what it did because with the help of a local, I pushed the car about 15 metres back into a side road to avoid causing more trouble to passing traffic. so any passers by probably thought I'd whacked the barrier at 60 and been propelled backwards. If that were the case I'd have been mashed myself. Can't have been hit with much force because it occurs to me now that the airbag didn't deploy.

It's funny because about three weeks ago I'd had this conversation in my mind where I'd told myself that if anything happened to her, I wouldn't replace the car for a while... I would concentrate on clearing debts and saving for a better car and/or a home to call my own. It's almost as if I was being prepared for the eventuality.

I'm pretty sure she's a write off, it's just the front, but the nature of how I hit the barrier and the age of the vehicle will count against it and I'm sure that economically she will be beyond repair.

Though I'll miss my car terribly, I'm totally at peace. I didn't go into shock at any point after the crash and I felt the presence of God around me while subsequent events unfolded. I was being looked after and I believe he is at work in this... it happened so that something beneficial long term could be brought about I believe.

L860 YWP rest in peace.

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