Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lost - John Locke

I was very moved by last night's episode of Lost. I tend to only really appreciate a television series/film/book, if I can relate to one of the characters. Lost is rich in character and I can sympathise/empathise with a number of character's on the show - one of them being the enigmatic John Locke.

No, I haven't spent 4 years in a wheelchair and miraculously walked again, I haven't been adopted, I haven't donated my kidney to my father... and I'm not a survival expert either. Oh and most importantly, I'm not bald!

The things I share with Locke, are my determination to do the things that matter to me no matter who or what tells me I can't achieve or do them; a certain degree of insight; and as was seen in last night's episode - the fact that I devote a lot of energy to doing things for people who I want to mean something to me, even if it costs me dear.

The reason Locke wanted to donate his kidney to his father was simply because he wanted to experience his father's love, which he had been denied through being fostered. His father however was only using him in order to gain possession of Locke's kidney. Locke was so hurt by this that as soon as he found out (shortly after gaining consciousness, he checked himself out of hospital and tried to gain entry at his father's house (you can tell this was immediate because his shirt is bloodstained around the abdomen from his operation).

Similarly, the reason Locke broke down in tears... hammering on the hatch he is obsessed with, is because he had devoted so much time and energy to doing what he believed the island was asking of him... with little or no pay off. In fact at one point, the island seemed to be taking back what it had already given him -the ability to walk.

I really understand what that is about. Time after time I have pumped emotions and resources into helping people as friends... or as potential romantic interests and yet I'm the one left behind. Time after time, I get used... and I'm left yelling "What more must I do? I've done all that was asked of me?!!?!??!" I'm not at that point at the moment, but I could easily be at any given time. The last time I REALLY felt like that, was the incident in August regarding a certain girl, my service to God... and a certain scripture. Last night reminded me of that time, funnily enough there have been a lot of things that have cast my mind back to August.

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Hoping this blog finds the people who are reading it... in good spirits.

God bless,


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