Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Disgraceful Law

I came across a story on the BBC that reported the arrest and trial of a young woman named Maya Anne Evans, over a war protest outside the Cenotaph in London:

All she did was read out the names of British soldiers killed in Iraq, with a friend who read the names of civilians. She was arrested for and convicted of breaching Section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act. What this means to you and me... the ordinary punter on the street; is that we can be arrested and tried for any "unauthorised" political activism (hostile or benign) which takes place within half a mile of Westminster, London.

Basically, we now have to apply for permission from the police, to protest against politicians... you know the fools who claim to represent us - who sit on high on their green leather benches in their archaic palace... dictating policies that line their pockets and curb our rights.

The Metropolitan Police lapdogs will seemingly pander to whatever directive the Government gives them. If they are betraying their role as public servants in order to serve a political agenda, then they are guilty of corruption and should be held to account. It is very important that inquiries are held over incidents like the shooting of John Charles De Menezes. Those in authority should expect to be observed far more closely and monitored far more rigorously. Who watches the watchmen?

Ms Evans was guilty of one thing: publicly declaring "Realfacts" ... when all our Government is interested in telling the public is "Goodfacts". In the Age of Information, you can expect more stories like this to become commonplace. If the truth is not convenient you can expect it to be opposed by the powerful.

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