Thursday, August 11, 2005

Letting Go of Your Acorn

Every time you fall in love, or are attracted to someone... you hold in your hands an acorn. It's all too tempting to hold on to what you have and treasure the beauty of it... but then it becomes something else, something not really genuine.

That is not why acorns exist, or why we have these emotions. To plant an acorn is to risk the loss of the acorn, for the possible promise of a tree. It may be eaten, or it may wither or rot... that's the chance you take. You may have your love taken away or it may fade. You may feel like you are useless at this game because every time you have planted an acorn it has failed to bud.

Don't give up!

Persistence pays off when it is coupled with patience, I've failed many a time, but I won't give in. I used to hang on to what I had, but now I know that I must be brave and take my chances while I have them. It's all in Ecclesiastes, live your life to the max (but do it in accordance with God's will).

All you can do is plant your acorn and do your best to make sure it is in fertile soil. Pay attention to the one you love, don't neglect them, feed them enough, but do not drown them. Protect them. The rest if it is God's will for you, will attend to itself.

Don't keep it all inside. Carpe Diem. Sieze the moment. Reach out and touch someone.

God bless


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