Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Eyes Have It.

It's been ages since I last had my eyesight checked.

To be fair though, the last time I showed up to arrange an appointment... the opticians sent me away on the basis that my dad didn't need glasses till he was in his mid to late 30's. Not very scientific, is it? That my friends is the trouble with living in a small town. Everybody older than you knows you, or at least likes to think they know you simply because they have watched you grow up from a distance. They still call me Nicholas - they don't know me as Nick, because they've never bothered to get to know me properly. You, who read all about me here... can call me Nick.

Recent events in the town, should teach these people to know better than to make assumptions about people on the basis of what they have seen from a distance ... but they don't learn, they never learn.

Anyway, I work with VDU's and heck I'm also on here often enough, so I really should get my eyes tested regularly... and my colleagues are concerned about me but the truth is I can't make my mind up where to go. If I go to my hometown optician, they have my long term records... but they are a private practice and may not have an extensive amount of equipment, not forgetting of course that they also sent me away on the basis of my parentage.

I could go to either Specsavers or Vision Express in Stratford, where I work.... but I always try and stay loyal to the people I'm already associated with. That is my nature.

I remember as a child, I had a rather uncaring, even Aryan attitude towards the idea of wearing glasses. I used to be terrified of eye check ups as a kid because I felt if I ended up wearing spectacles I'd be in some way inferior... and I felt inferior enough back then. As I've grown up, I've naturally shed that judgemental and silly attitude. Heck if I wore glasses, some people might actually make the mistake of considering me an intelligent life form.

So the questions:
  1. Where should I go?
  2. What would I look like wearing glasses?
  3. What sort should I go for if I need them?

I think if I do need glasses I should get some oblong, minimal depth, frameless ones. I don't think oval will work with my head and I certainly don't want octagonal wired Gestapo glasses!


  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    hmmm i think you should go to a specialist and not to practionist. ( whatever you may call it. ) Eye's are very sensitive and requires extra professional care. And if you dont like glasses at all... theres always contact lenses or... the uberly expensive LASIK treatment :P

  2. I think if you're young and are likely to need only glasses, you're probably safe going almost anywhere. Once you're older (meaning a lot younger than me), you need a thorough medical exam of the eyes once in awhile, or at least a glaucoma check. As for what you'll look like...well, maybe a semi-geek. But it could be worse.

    I don't know whether you're near-sighted (trouble seeing far away) or far-sighted (trouble seeing close up. I think many people, like me, become near-sighted from too much close work. Then they buy glasses for that, do lots more close work with the glasses on, and need stronger glasses. If your eyes are just barely needing glasses, it's possible that vision exercises would help you. That would mean intentionally looking left, right, up, down, far, near, etc. However, if you don't see well at a distance, you must get glasses for driving.

    Incidentally, I've worn glasses since I was about 10 years old. I'm now a bit closer to 100 than to 10. (How's your math?)

  3. I needed glasses since the age of 10, as my teachers found I couldn't see what was on the board, and I was copying the work of the girl I sat next to. My mum was all worried that I needed glasses, and I couldn't understand why grown ups were so concerned, after all, with glasses i could SEE! In my ten year old way i looked out in the garden, and could see individual blades of grass, and it was all so wonderful - an absolutely new world. Details I had not seen for many months were revealed! (my neighbour got a good deal out of the copying lark, in exchange for copying the questions, I helped her with the answers, so it took many months before it was found)

    Nick - do get yourself to an optician, they can find out & correct things before problems set in. Glasses & contacts are cool these days! It may be that your local place might be more expensive, being in a small town, and I would be slightly concerned about the way they treated you. Larger companies in bigger towns have more competition - just a thought!


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