Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"It's a Fair Cop Guv!"

Well, finally did it...

I got myself booked in for an appointment at Specsavers next Tuesday at 11am. It'll be interesting to see how my eyes have fared since I last got them checked. Am I heading for a future where I take on a new sophisticated, more intellectual image? If that is what happens, and I do require glasses, you can bet I'll record any change in how people perceive me right here. Onwards to adventure!

On a slightly similar note, I wonder how many of you "zone out" like me? I have a really strong tendency to lose my focus, blur my vision, switch off and just go off into outer space. This happens regularly and I can often feel it happening. Is it normal for this to happen so often... and where the heck do I go when that happens?

I also had the opportunity to hit the road again today. I had to chauffeur a couple of directors to and from a meeting at my office. It was good to be back behind the wheel once more, even if it was only a brief voyage without much misadventure.

God bless


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