Thursday, March 01, 2007

Debtwatch 5

I've got a little spare time on my hands at the moment, as I have got a couple of days off work (which I had totally forgotten about until someone reminded me late on Tuesday). I've just returned from a visit to the bank with the latest exciting news on my continuing voyage of financial redemption.

Apart from the money I usually set aside for saving against debt, I managed to hold back an extra £200 in reserve. It was therefore a great relief to punch a few buttons onto the account management machine and see my repayment figure finally come down below the £1,000 threshold for the first time. It currently reads £998.03 but that's not the end of this month's calculations... because the normal direct debit has yet to take effect.

If I managed to hold back some money on top of my current account this month, I believe I could do it again next month... but I don't know if I need bother. In any case, it won't affect my repayment date as I fully intend to transfer £100 direct from savings rather than wait another month... and this will already take me into the intended completion timescale of Mayday.
So this by the grace of God, is how I currently stand:

Balance left on debt: £688.03
Cash in short term savings reserves: £0
Cash left in current account that I hope to spare for debt repayment £0
Estimated balance for next Debtwatch report: £278.00
Original Finish Date for completion of Payments - October 2007
Estimated Completion of Payments - MAYDAY!

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