Friday, November 24, 2006

Not good... definitely not good!

Being a bright and optimistic soul, I want to share with you a positive experience I had on Tuesday (it was my birthday... but that was not the reason, it was merely the catalyst). However, before I do that I need to clear some of the crud out the way... as I don't want it to taint that post. So I've decided to dedicate this brief post to a couple of negative things - just to get them out of my brain. Do not worry, this is not drastically bad... I just want to close the book on them.

Right then. Lets kick off!

  1. My X Rays came back from the dentist and it appears I have a cavity. Now despite the fact I haven't needed anything doing for light years... and the fact that within the past 2 years I have completely come off fizzy drinks and cut down on sugary foods... it appears I'm going to have to have some work done.
  2. Warwickshire County Council have waited a staggering almost half a year before informing me that I need to pay for the clean up of a tiny patch of oil after I wrote my antiquated car off in July. They make it out be the Exxon Valdez disaster when in actuality what was deposited was minuscule... and had dirt put down over it by myself at the time. Apparently they sent in a clean up crew out of hours (unnecessary as it wasn't even on a main A or B road). The total amounts to £188.32 - nice! Furthermore I am highly suspicious at the length of time it has taken them... have they deliberately waited until the season of goodwill to have an opportunity to urinate on my yuletide log? Or maybe, just maybe I'm paying for the Senior Accountant's Christmas Party! I'm not eliminating either scenario.
  3. Finally, I decided to treat myself to a Chinese on Tuesday to celebrate my birthday... unfortunately the humble meal that appeared to be chicken fried rice, evolved into something far more deadly within my bowels... and despite a noble effort by myself to go to work the next day... I was sent home looking greyer than a rainy Thursday afternoon in winter. Let me just say I'm going to spare you from the gory details.

Now in an effort to remain optimistic and not get bogged down by that crud... here are the things I have to say in response to these meagre obstacles.

  1. When I rang up the dentist to rebook I was told it was likely only a fifteen minute job and not prohibitively bad. As I will have just finished paying my insurance for my car (how bizarre is that... I'm paying for a car I no longer possess?), the amount should probably be equivalent... so although it doesn't improve my finances it certainly doesn't look like it'll do me in for Christmas.
  2. Ah yes, talking of insurance... seeing as the County Council are a third party... I can't see how my insurance provider can wriggle out of this one. It seems fitting, as when they paid out on my car... they ignored all the evidence I gave them about it's condition and refused to negotiate on a woefully poor payout price. If push comes to shove, I should have it covered... but I have no intention of letting them pull a fast one on me.
  3. I have always been blessed with a decent constitution... and after having 14 hours of solid rest... I was up and running again - even playing chase with my 4 year old godson. Nature of Nick is irrepressible. Needless to say though, that when I go out tonight to celebrate my birthday with a few mates... we won't be stopping off at a takeaway.

OK I've emptied the rubbish and I've answered it too! That leaves the way clear for me to talk about good stuff.

Blessings for now.


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  1. Hehehe,
    I stumbled across your blog by accident and what a happy accident it was. I needed a good chuckle and got it. So nice to see someone talk about the good and bad together.
    Thanks for the smile you gave me this morning.


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