Saturday, December 17, 2005

Small Men

I was horrified the other day, to hear the latest outburst from Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. For those who are unaware, Mr Ahmadinejad publically declared that the Holocaust was a myth. Of course, Mr Ahmadinejad is only referring to the Jewish holocaust... for that is the only one that is affected by his prejudice. I'm sure he would not deny the massacre of Poles, Gypsies and Communists... because they are of no interest to him. You see, he wants the nation state of Israel to become non existent.

I was watching the television with my father, the last time Mr Ahmadinejad spoke out declaring that Israel should be "wiped off the map". My heart was grieved and my blood started to bubble up. Dad sat there calmly puffing on his pipe and said "it's because he is small!" That sounded rather un "PC", so I asked him to expand on what he meant. Dad simply pointed out a psychological truth: that many men of small stature subconsciously feel intimidated around others, and so use aggressive political gesturing... to compensate. Great isn't it? A nation is being governed by a man with an inferiority complex.

I have to say, to a certain degree I am in agreement with my father. I have witnessed similar actions by similar people in my life. The worst bully in my secondary school was one of the shortest lad's in our year. Somebody else I know frivolously cracks on to every girl in sight irrespective of whether he or they are in a relationship or not, oh I'm sure most of the time he isn't going to take it further... but I find it disturbing that he uses girls in this way... just to satisfy his inferiority complex and appease his ego.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not suggesting all short men are ruled by inferiority complexes that make them bad people... I'm just saying it's something a few short men are prone to. In truth there are tall men in stature who are very small men at heart... there are also very short men who are giants of compassion and nobility. It's the psychology I'm assaulting, not the height.

It is not enough to recognise these men and their actions for what they are, that is no solution in itself. Mr Ahmadinejad governs a country that has expressed a nuclear interest. Whether or not his polical rhetoric comes from posturing, or from his own mistaken deep-seated beliefs; he cannot afford to gamble with such aggressive statements. Even if it is not his intention to act on such flawed ideological whims... there are people in this world who will either believe he is... or use his statements to suggest he is. It has happened before... very recently. He would do well to read the story of the boy who cried "wolf"... for his situation is a mirror image of it. He makes inane statements and nobody seems to act, so he continues.

One day the wolf may come.

Then who will heed him?

I'm not a strong supporter of US foreign policy, but I would imagine Ahmadinehad is the perfect worm to bait the hungry hawks whose feet are swift rush into blood!

Oh, and for anybody who is left in any doubt about the Holocaust, the estimates for Jews slain are reckoned between 4.1 - 6 million. Non Jewish victims including Gypsies, POW's, homosexuals and Russians amounted to around 5-6 million... for every death a name, for every name a face... stolen in acts of abhorrence.

It happened.

For more information on the story this article refers to, go here.

For more information on the Holocaust, go here.

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