Saturday, March 19, 2005

Politics (Yawn)

Righty Ho. We'll be up for an election soon, so I thought I'd better state my position.

First of all, look at the chart at the bottom of this entry. I got this from where I also obtained my political profile.

Basically, not one of the parties is close to where I am politically. With regards to authoritarian (vertical) issues I am closer to the Lib Dem's, but socio-economically (horizontal) I'm way off to the left, probably nearer the greens. Please note the huge political vacuum that I occupy, because of this I cannot in good conscience (at present) vote for any mainstream candidate in my area.

This is why I am opposed to party politics (don't get me wrong, I'm also opposed to totalitarian regimes). The ideal as far as I am concerned, is for an open senatorial system. If your MP votes purely on their own personal views, and to their best information, the views of their constituents, you are going to have a wider scope of views reflected in national policy... that would be a true democracy. I have devised a model for how such a government could be established. Basically, the key positions would be shortlisted & voted for by the whole house (on the basis of a whole house consensus on who was best qualified for the job), and the succesful ministers would appoint their own subsidiaries as they saw fit. The house would vote on bills, and the majority vote would be carried.

I think this is a good way forward, this would help eliminate voter apathy (I think many people don't turn up to vote, because they feel politicians are largely all the same, and that whatever they vote, faecal matter will be elected... only the shade and consistency of the faecal matter can be chosen between... I don't just think it's about "can't be bothered" people).

Unfortunately, as popular as this idea is among people I've spoken to, I've been told getting politicians to vote in these changes would be like "getting turkey's to vote for Christmas". It takes away power from the parties and restores it to the people, which is why it will never get brought in until something dumb happens like a civil war (and no unlike others I don't think we're immune to such a scenario, just because we already decided to bludgeon one another four centuries ago. Yugoslavia was a very peaceful place just before it's deconstruction).

Please whatever you do though, take the time to click on the political compass link above, take the test and find out who is closest to you before voting! Heck you might even surprise yourself... I certainly did (I thought I was centrist)!

That's it now, you won't hear me saying anything on the subject anymore as it's making me feel sleepy already!

Does this make me a political subversive????

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