Friday, March 18, 2005

Matt Redman

So why do I like Matt Redman's music a lot? Well, primarily it's because he's a songwriter who doesn't shy away from some of the more powerful Old Testament and Revelation imagery. You don't find many people writing songs featuring the Living Creatures, or the Shekinah (Glory Cloud of God's Presence) descending on the temple and making all the priests hit the deck.

I think the other reason I like his stuff is that the song I quoted yesterday (Heart of Worship), was written as a repentance in his church. The leader of the church had been convicted that the praise times were becoming more about the music and the band, rather than glorifying God. So he was all set to stop musical worship altogether. This inspired Matt Redman to write "The Heart of Worship", which says it all with regard to Praise and Worship really.
I also wanted to say sorry that yesterday I had a bit of a go at "older generations", I was generalising a fair bit... and of course I accept that not all older people are like that, I know some really great, kind and wise older people... but it's the stereotypical traditionalists I'm attacking.

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