Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Common Misconceptions

The newspapers today are all full of the news of Jeff Weise, the Chippewa tribe American boy who gunned down his grandfather, grandfather's girlfriend and 7 of his classmates in cold blood. The press are focusing on his suspected Nazi sympathies as being what drove him to act in this manner. If this is so, I find the news all the more tragic. The native American tribes do not fit the criteria for being of the "master race", so almost certainly would have suffered had Hitler ever had access to them. Even more important than this, the native American tribes in their own way, had a taste of what to expect from Nazism when the colonial powers oppressed and suppressed them all those years ago.

Some of the tabloids are focusing on the question Weise apparently asked one of his victims, before slaying him... "Do you believe in God?" We have to be careful when analysing this. Nazism, wasn't just a warped political ideology, it was a belief system, and it wasn't compatible with Christianity, as Hitler himself publicly declared. In fact, the heart of Nazi ideology is suggestive of extremist Darwinism being applied itself as religion, which is far more than the scientific community would have ever wanted it to go.

During the Nazi Party reign, Christians such as Maximilian Kolbe (see on my historical party guest list), and Martin Niemoeller were persecuted for adhering to Christian principles and promoting the Gospel of love, Niemoeller was jailed, and Kolbe was martyred in Auschwitz.
Furthermore, the youth of Germany were exposed to brainwashing literature that condemned Christianity and played to ethnic fear and insecurity. I don't even want to repeat some of the filth they were expected to learn.

I feel great sympathy for those who have lost loved ones, as well as the Chippewa Community (and the wider Minnesota community affected by this). In looking at what happened, I just wanted to clarify that there is no link between Christianity (or for that matter theism in general), and the Nazi party.

My prayers naturally go out to those who have suffered.


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