Friday, February 25, 2005

Return of the Nickmobile

The lady is back!

Sorry if you think it's a bit sexist to refer to a car in the feminine... but I don't have a problem with people personifying their cars as men, and surely if Ellen MacArthur refers to her boat as "she", then it's not really sexist. I think it's to do with your attitude towards the subject. If you see it as a control thing "you are my vehicle, I am your master" then it's sexist, but if it's just a "we're in this together" anthropomorphic personification of companionship... in my opinion that's OK.

Anyway I believe I had a gentleman's bet with you all. I said the car bill would probably balance out with the reclaimed tax I received. I was right. God is good, God provides.

I did get a bit of a scorching for not taking it in sooner though, apparently the rattle wasn't a loose bush, but the shock absorber!!!! Eeek!

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