Friday, December 16, 2011

Sleigh Oddity

In a moment of random madness, I found myself Christmassing up some classic rock hits... I think in my defence, that I was really tired at the time.

The most prominent one I decided to massacre have a go at, was David Bowie's Space Oddity. I decided to pay homage to the original song's theme by having Santa flying off into deep space at the end. I mean when you think about it, where does he go once Christmas is done? Is it really fair to suggest he only works one day a year?

For bonus points I decided to try and explain in a throwaway lyric, how it is that Santa can cover the entire Earth's surface and deliver to all good children on the planet, in a single night.

So here without further ado, I give you.... Sleigh Oddity:

The North Pole to Santa Claus
The North Pole to Santa Claus
Eat your mincemeat pies and put your red suit on
(Dasher) The North Pole (Dancer) to Santa Claus (Prancer)
(Vixen) Commencing Christmas (Comet), space-time paused (Cupid)
(Donner) Check those presents (Blitzen) and may Rudolph (Lift Off!) guide you true.

This is the North Pole to Santa Claus
You've really made their day
And the children want to thank the jolly man
Now it's time to leave the fireplace if you can.

This is Santa Claus to the North Pole I'm climbing up the chute
And I'm squashed up in a most a-peculiar way
and my magic sleigh seems very far away.
For here am I stuck inside this chimney far above the hearth
Planet Earth is white on this holy silent night.

Now I've clocked 100,000 miles I'm feeling very ill
And I think my reindeer know which way to go
Tell those kids I love them very much, they know.

The North Pole to Santa Claus your sleigh bells stopped where've you gone
Can you hear me Santa Claus? Can you hear me Santa Claus? Can you hear me Santa Claus? Can you...

Here am I zooming off in deep space, far beyond the stars
Kids on planets new, need to get their presents too.

If  you want to try singing along and seeing if it tracks, I've added a link to an instrumental of Bowie's original below.


Over to you... what classic songs of yesteryear can you rework with a Christmas theme?

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