Thursday, November 24, 2011

Life's Too Short...

... for chess, or so the saying goes.

In one of my "Sheldon" moments, I had a flash of inspiration for a new variation on chess.  Where Star Trek brought the idea of 3D chess into the public consciousness, I have thought of going one step further... 4D Chess.

Yes it sounds crazy... and it is. However humour me for a brief moment here, I think I'm on to something. The idea goes something like this:

The chessboard is laid out traditionally however, after each turn the player rolls a set of dice. If they get a double, they must move the last moved piece "back in time". Essentially the piece occupies the same square by however many turns back are shown on the dice. If another piece occupies a spot where the time travelling piece ends up, it may be taken, however if the space is already occupied by a piece where the time travelling piece arrives, both pieces are removed from play. The other rules of chess remain unaffected.

I'd like somehow to give this idea a shot. I think it's rather complex and would probably work best in a computerised environment... simply because the logistics of moving pieces around in time could get quite frustrating... but a computer rendering doesn't suffer that problem.

So what do you think... insanity or genius?

 Oh by the way... I also have an idea for 5D chess. ;)

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