Tuesday, January 20, 2009


With my very first personal odyssey of discovery looming, I'm having to make certain preparations that I'm not used to. Firstly I've purchased a pair of indestructible sandals in the sales. I promise I will not be wearing them with socks.

I've never been a sandal fan, but these are quite different. They are closed toe; so my awkward, accident prone feet will be safely shielded from danger. They have extremely sturdy soles for rigorous walking and they are not harmed in salt water either.

I think someone has basically found an amphibious assault craft, removed two shoe shaped segments and essentially glued a cushioned sole to them. They are seriously comfy and dare I say... awesome.

Today we started to get into the serious territory though... the jabs. Fortunately I only needed one (protection against Hepatitis A), and I was lucky to have time owed in lieu at work... so I left at 5pm and headed off to the doctors.

It was very kind of President Obama to wait a few minutes till I got into my car before getting sworn in. I was further impressed when he kept his speech to the length of my car journey from work to the doctors. I actually thought he did extremely well. He paused in the middle of being sworn in, I guess the enormity of the words that were coming out of his mouth had actually struck him something like:

"Oh flip... I'm the President!"

Irrespective of what people think of Obama's policies and political leanings, there's no doubting the man is a born orator. I was first truly impressed with his skills as a speaker when he responded to the Rev Jeremiah Wright incident. Instead of getting caught on the back foot, he spent a good lengthy period unravelling American history and diagnosing the various causes of the grievances in American society... white and black. He did a brave thing, he said that both groups had a right to feel aggrieved but equally both bore a burden of responsibility about how to heal the problem from their own side of the field. I found that speech fascinating as it demonstrated a great deal of personal knowledge about the history, culture, of the various peoples of America...

... and today that knowledge came to the fore once more as he appealed to his people -all of them. The time for talking is over for now though, and when tomorrow dawns... the business of government cranks into gear once more for America.

Following the speech, I found myself waiting in the surgery for about quarter of an hour before being seen to. Little tip... don't wear a white shirt when getting a jab.

As I walked out into the main reception area, everyone who was still waiting started getting jittery as they gazed upon the red patch of blood that had stained a significant patch on my arm.

For the record, I still don't have a clue what blood group I am. Red and gloopy is the best description I can manage.

Anyway, the jab was surprisingly painless (my last booster jab for tetanus caused some stiffness in my arm, but no such qualms here).

In other unrelated news, I've been up to no good. I've dug out some old college videos on VHS. I don't have the proper equipment to transfer them to computer... but I do have a digital camera. So I took great pleasure in filming segments of these videos and posting them on Facebook. I'm a bit wary about posting them on YouTube (I borrowed a couple of effects shots for my college project). I'd love to show you them but you may need to twist my arm.

However, one video I have uploaded to YouTube... it was a pop promo from my days in college. We had to edit footage to the beat of a music video. Out of the three options we were given, I chose Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Off I scuttled with a camcorder, sought permission to film in the local church and then filmed the praise band setting up (I think I improved their sound heh heh!)

The video essentially turns the concept of fame on it's head and was almost prophetic about reality TV. I shot it from the perspective of a man (my dad) who is trapped in a television and wants to gain fame like the band who are not confined to a TV screen.Anyway for those who are curious about such things, or who want to see how tragic my hair looked 15 years ago, here it is in it's slightly bootleg looking glory:

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