Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reality Check

I've been watching as the world around me has gone about it's merry little business.

Despite the constant news coverage with regard to the carnage left in the wake of Cyclone Nargis in Burma/Myanmar, nobody seems to have said a word. It's not come up in coffee breaks or "water cooler moments". People around me have been strangely silent on the topic.

Then it occurred to me that I too, had been strangely silent.

Now, with the news of an earthquake in China, that has also claimed many lives... it makes me wonder if the plight of the Burmese people will be forgotten.

I'm not going to let this matter slip quietly into the night without comment.

I'm so bitterly annoyed at the behaviour of the Junta. Is there anyone left in the world who does not think ill of their "leadership"? They persecuted and slew Buddhist monks who were protesting against the oppressiveness of their regime. Now they want all aid administered to their people, to go directly through them. They just don't have the manpower... why would anyone make such a stupid decision when so many lives are at risk?

I believe it is down to fear. When they have treated their people so poorly, their actions will be shown up for what they are in the light of international kindness - so they cannot allow that kindness to be seen.

And still the people die.

While all this is happening, Governments and agencies stand by longing to help... there is even a Godsend on the Burmese doorstep. The BBC has reported that US and Thai naval forces have by coincidence (not that I see it as coincidence), been training together in the area and the format of this training?

Disaster relief.

For pities sake it's all there on a plate... the Junta need to wake up and let their people be saved.

Here's a link to a UN pdf map detailing the areas worst hit.

Below is a video clip from the Disasters Emergency Committee that has been screened in the UK following the disaster. If you feel in a position to do something, please don't waste the opportunity:

Now we have the added tragedy of the earthquake in China. Again, thousands of people have died. China obviously has a better infrastructure than Burma and is better equipped to cope with the disaster. However if help is needed, I am sure the international community will be there. What is more, it might be very helpful for China to request help even if it feels able to cope. Why do I say that? I say it because it sets an example for the Burmese Junta to sit up and pay heed to.

When offering aid... does it matter that these countries have appalling human rights records?
Because when we are on the side of life, we do all we can to preserve it in each situation. That sometimes means speaking out against a nation in the wake of human rights abuses one day... and reaching out a helping hand to that same nation when it cannot save it's own people... whether they wish it or not.

Somethings transcend politics.


  1. I was drawn to read this because I too felt the world has been strangely silent in the wake of these two massive tragedies- personally, I believe it is a sign of the end times.

    God has been building a massive underground church in China, and I believe He will use those to reach the hurting that have been effected by this tragedy. God is interested in people coming into His kingdom. He cares about the salvation of their souls.

    Judgement will come on nations in due time- for as you know, God is a righteous judge that will judge right from wrong. For now, our prayers and efforts should be for the nameless, faceless who have yet to experience the love of the Father demonstrated in Jesus.

  2. I agree with you and your frustrations concerning this matter. It makes my stomach turn to see people suffering needlessly. When help is there and waiting but their Gov. won't allow it. I know a great website that does alot of humanitarian donations and outreach. I've posted it on my blog for those in China and Myanmar.

  3. Nick sorry to post on this article an unrelated message.

    I know you are a fan of Selwyn Hughes so just thought you might like to know about a seminar next week based round a fantastic book called Christ Empowered Living.


    Link above should take you to details. Blessings!



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