Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Lost Poem

I've been frantically rummaging around my room tonight.

I was looking for some documents that date back to 1989, in order to fill in some paperwork I need for a potential new venture. I found what I was looking for... but I also stumbled upon something else - an old poem that I had composed a couple of years ago.

Part of me wonders if it was just coincidence, or whether there is some deeper purpose to it's rediscovery. Either way, I feel inclined to share it once more. I'd like to know what your thoughts are wih regard to it:

The Jester

I sat and stared at the jester's dancing;
Laughing and mocking, he caught me glancing.
With unholy glee he paraded the court,
His inane folly pricking my thoughts.
His senseless stupidity stirred up my rage;
I resolved to remove him from 'his' stage.

Yet how couldI crush him at the height of his fame?
Which, with every cheer increased my shame.
I seized his throat as he performed a joke,
But his quip raised alaugh...and my heart broke.
I smote him and dragged him through every door,
But every time the crowd yelled 'MORE!'

I wondered if I would ever see that hour,
When his charms were broken and he lost his power.
He cursed me and swore with childish glee,
That forever he'd best me and I'd never be free.
But I hoped and dreamed of my eventual release;
What faith I had promised true peace.

And then all fell silent as entered my King,
Whose love is a balm to the jester's sting!
HIS throne HE established with sceptre and crown;
A judgement HE delivered on my meddlesome clown.
The jester was shackled and thrown in the jail,
That ne'er again might he cause me to fail.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:55 pm

    I relate the jester to the problems in our lives we just can't seem to sort out; the things that hold us back and if we want to be free of must trust and wait on God to move upon.


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