Friday, January 25, 2008

Cleaning Up!

Apologies if you've come here and found loads of old articles.

I've been tidying up some of the tags to my older posts as I have realised they contain a few typographical errors. I know it's a bit anal of me, but I like to have them all filed correctly... I find it useful especially when someone is searching on a particular theme. One thing about blogger that is quite annoying is that it tries to second guess your tags. For example... I naturally (given the blogs overall theme), post a lot about God on this blog, but on one occasion I blogged specifically about "armour of God". Now, whenever I try and tag something with God, the armour tag comes up first; I had about 9 entries misfiled under "armour of God that needed correcting.

I find it very useful to browse other peoples content when it is covered under the same tag. Admittedly there are a lot of "one off" topics/keywords that don't get used again. However, being able to open up a whole selection of a blogger's thoughts on a single topic makes the experience more comfortable/pleasurable and direct.

This is why I try to keep my major tags in good order. I'm sure I'll have something more interesting to say soon but I hope my little explanation clears things up for you. The last time it happened, somebody was so wound up by it that they ranted in their own blog about Technorati playing up... when all the while it was me! :-)

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