Thursday, September 13, 2007

Security Measures

Some sneaky person keeps taking crafty swigs out of my fruit juice carton at work.

It is really annoying!

I buy a large carton as there is just enough to last me 1 glass a day for the whole week, it saves me money and keeps me healthy too. When I poured myself a glass for lunch yesterday, I noticed that the carton was a lot lighter than it should be... about ooo I don't know a glass full lighter? I was not impressed; so I got grumpy about it... had a rant... and tried to think no more about the matter.

I came in from lunch today and was about to pour myself another glass... when lo and behold, there was only something like 2 cubic centimetres left! This is ridiculous. I've been advised to label it up... but to me, that isn't the issue. As I see it, I don't feel I should have to be in a place where I have to take protective measures over something as trivial as my lunch.

And then it hit me... I need to make my drink more secure... I had something like this in mind:

Of course, that little clip is a timely reminder that the title to the fourth Indiana Jones movie has finally been announced - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I agree with a lot of people on this, it sounds a little too wordy. They need to drop a word somewhere... I'd lose "crystal" personally. I'm really looking forward to it...but I hope Lucas sticks close to the spirit of the original 3... and doesn't get too preachy or up himself, we don't need any "Greedo fires first" nonsense, or politically correct messages. Let Indy be as irreverent as he ever was - it's supposed to be the 1950's after all!

Here's a shot of the principal cast along with Steven Spielberg (who is of course directing).

Yes that's cockney sparrow Ray Winstone in the background, Shia Le Beouf ... fresh from Transformers is also tagging along and as you can see Karen Allen is back. I've actually just bought a DVD of Starman - the 80's classic science fiction film she starred in with Jeff Bridges. It's a lovely film, a little drawn out but very moving in places. I've been meaning to get hold of it for some time.

Back to Indy and my orange juice issue to finish with... and if the ancient South American security system is a little too elaborate and unworkable to defend my lunch... I could always try this cheaper alternative:

Till next time.... God bless



  1. drop some green food colouring in your juice - it might put off your light-fingered office friends! (plus it may turn the offenders teeth green!!!)

  2. alas I have been forbad such tactics until it is clear that the liquid continues being consumed after labelling.


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