Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Political Headaches

It has been an interesting week in politics so far, unsurprising given that the G8 leaders are meeting this week.

I think what has disappointed me the most so far, is the double act of Vladimir Putin and George W Bush doing a Time Warp. I'm not a fan of either of them as I'm sure you are aware... and why should I be - they both authoritarianism in one form or another. However I was a teenager in the days when the Iron Curtain fell, it was a time of great optimism... the world was waking up from a bad dream.

Now it breaks my heart to see two ancient and decrepit dinosaurs who should know by now that extinction is their destiny... and whose time has long gone, attempt to resurrect the rhetoric and dogma of an era which their pathetic species thrived upon. Whichever side you take, I think this missile defence thing can only end in tears.

Neither man can see beyond his own testosterone fuelled inadequacies. It has occurred to me that we live in an age where the landscape of political leadership is literally saturated with examples of bad leadership - be it through weakness, evil, insanity, paranoia, ineptitude... there are many leaders who we would do well to be wary of. I certainly do not trust a significant portion of the G8 group. Bush, Putin, Blair, Sarkozy are all people who I scrutinize intensely... I wouldn't trust any of them as far as they could be thrown. Many other leaders including Ahmadinejad, Mugabe and Kim Jong-il also feature on my "naughty list".

I wonder what you make of Bush's rejection of Angela Merkel's efforts to commit the G8 to cutting carbon emissions? It seems a little childish to me. "We'll only do it if it's our plan". Which is more important? Doing the right thing... or getting the credit?

Having said that, I can certainly understand why Bush might feel the need to get some credit... because his decisions have pretty much left any hopes of a lasting political legacy, pretty bankrupt.

Finally I am bemused, appalled and dismayed at a recent Friend Request on my Myspace account.

For some reason the BNP (link not provided because I don't wish to benefit their cause), feel that I have potential as a future dark apprentice and have tried to recruit me. That's right, I had a friend request from "Keep British Jobs for British people" and it was plastered all over with pictures of Nick Griffin.

Yeah right! The only similarity between myself and him is in our forename! There we part ways... the BNP is about as a authoritarian as they come... and they are racist trash. They would have ethnic minorities driven into the seas of Britain. I would have Griffin and his kind crushed underfoot and cast into the sea themselves.

They are quasi-British. That is to say they think they are British and they represent a certain kind of "bulldog spirit"... but really they preach intolerance and fear. They represent the dark side of Britain - that which we should strive to suppress and eradicate.

There I shall leave things as I realise I am ranting somewhat... and I need to get to home group. I've already gone on too long for me to be able to eat any dinner!

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