Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I just accidentally deleted a rather large article I was working on with regard to "peace". It was an epic!

It's going to have to wait for a day or two now I'm afraid. I'm really not happy about that, but it wasn't meant to be.

So I'll leave you with two nuggets of news that are a lot more lighter and may provide a "jovial buffer" for what is about to come.

I was running around the house this morning looking for the work trousers I was sure I had ironed ready to wear for my first day back... I failed to find them and had to wear some old rough looking ones. It later transpired that my mother had run off with them. She discovered this while trying to wear them to her own work.... and promptly disappeared into the 35" leg hole. Bless her, she really is struggling at the moment. She noticed a neighbours dog in the garden earlier... but identified it as their previous dog who had died probably a decade ago.
Secondly, I have written to Cadbury on a personal quest to discover just what happened to their Chocolate Animal Biscuits. These days, all you seem to get are those useless party packs for kids.

"Unsatisfying rubbish snack"

Do Cadbury not realise that I need the traditional sized pack in times of dire stress? Do they not understand that there must be a massive student market out there for them... or that they were by far the most popular biscuits that I took to church on days when it was my turn to do coffee (and that was just when the adults grabbed them). I don't have many vices and it is quite annoying to have lost this little throwback to my childhood, from which I have derived so much comfort over the years.

"Now this is much more like it!"

Come on Cadbury, get your act together.

Ahem... normal service will hopefully resume shortly. Having lost that big article on "peace" I could just do with an animal biscuit now!


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