Sunday, May 13, 2007


I neglected to let you all know that I was going away this weekend to take part in an informal training programme for the Maze Scripture Union Holiday Camp, that I am part of.

Needless to say it was a pleasant experience meeting up with friendly faces, both familiar and new. It seems as always, each new year spent at The Maze throws up a new set of challenges and this year looks like being no different. It is sometimes hard to think of myself as being a bit of a veteran, this will be my fourth year and yet in many ways I still feel more like a greenhorn.

A couple of people who I have felt I have a had a good rapport with in the past sadly won't be there this year. These are people whose counsel and companionship I have valued greatly in the past... despite only having really been in their presence for an average of about a month, isn't it amazing how quickly we can take to other people?

It has only just really occurred to me that maybe at some point... younger leaders might feel the same way about my counsel when it is their turn to take bold steps forward. That is one heck of a responsibility... and a very sobering thought.

I'd recommend working at a Scripture Union camp to any Christian, it really is a worthwhile experience and you'd be surprised at the number of different positive ways you can influence the development of young people.... and show them new and exciting ways of looking at the Christian faith. If you are at a loose end this summer, give it some serious thought.


Now I'm going to hit the sofa for a long earned snooze.


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Enjoy your well earned snooze Nick (Or should I say 'alpha-man.' Does that come with some kind of uniform?). It was great to meet you. I look forward to seeing this film list at some point in the near future ;-p

  2. Robin... pleasure was all mine. I firmly believe you are going to fit in with team really well... in fact you already have done!

    As to Alpha Man... it's honestly the only time in my life that anybody has even remotely described me as an "Alpha Male", so I think i should be grateful!

    I already have several uniforms for several other er... personas I have adopted. My wardrobe is suffering from spandex overload!

    Regards and blessings


  3. Anonymous4:32 pm

    gutted i missed the Sunday, I was NOT impressed with getting up early to run around like a nutter. I'm still here Nick, I'm not going, and don't we get on a little me enough for me to me of some help??!?!


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