Monday, April 23, 2007

Funeral for a Friend

I've been noticing in my web statistics that a lot of people are hitting my blog, searching for news on Richard's death.

In the hope that anybody reading this is a friend or former student of Richard, wishing to pay their respects; I thought I could help by letting people know about the funeral details.

The service will begin at 11am, this Saturday at St. Nicholas Church, Alcester. Attendance is expected to be extremely high, so the service will also be relayed outside through loudspeakers.

The town will likely be swamped with traffic and I have heard it said that some of the local schools will be opening up their car parks in order for people to be able to park.

In the coming days, I hope to link this post to any obituaries or biographies that are out there. Perhaps if you have seen any, you could advise me or leave a link in the comment field.

Also, I would be honoured if people want to use this place... any of the relevant entries to post their own feelings, memories and thoughts, for others to read.

Update as of 25th April 2007:

There is now a group on Facebook that you can join, where people have been sharing their personal memories... it is open to anyone. If you wish to be a member of the group,
please follow this link.

Update as of 29th April 2007:

Following the funeral, the full text of the eulogy for Richard is now available at the St. Nicholas church website. If you wish to read it,
please follow this link.

Update as of 1st May 2007

Text of brief letter/tribute published on the Alcester Grammar School website. If you wish to read, please follow this link.

Obituary found on the Redditch/Alcester Standard. To read this, please follow this link.

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