Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Walking Tall

It appears I am growing in more ways than one... or at least if that's not true, then the world around me appears to be shrinking.

At first I dismissed it out of hand. My head brushed on the light strip in the kitchen at work. In the past I'd need to slightly raise myself to do that, now it seems I have to duck slightly.

However, tonight I went Rob and Susan's house. I did the usual 45 minute work out routine (otherwise known as being chased by the kids and returning the favour), but when it was time for Benji's bed time he asked "Who is bigger... Daddy or Uncle Nick?" He asks this every now and then, and sometimes he means age not height.... on this occasion it was height. So Rob and I stood back to back... we used to be about the same height... Rob having a slight edge... now I am about half an inch to an inch taller.

Is this even possible? Can fully grown adult men have a second bout of growth spurts? At 32 you'd think the only thing that would be growing would be hair, toenails, ears and nose (the latter two continue growing throughout life... which leads me to wonder if I'll look like Dumbo in 2050?).

Am I a mutant or is my metabolism playing up? Are we all mistaken, or is there a medical phenomenon where some adults start growing again?

I did have a thought that perhaps this is something to do with my new found confidence and rediscovered sense of self worth. Maybe I'm just standing straighter, walking taller... and this has led to my apparent vertical expansion. The flaw in this is that Rob and I have stood back to back, straight as a rod before... so the difference shopuld have been noticeable too

Your thoughts and comments on this... half baked, off the wall or even medically sound; are as of course always welcome.

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  1. I don't think you're crazy. I was 5'2" for the longest time.Then when I was 29, I went to the Chest and Heart clinic for a check up. They discovered I was now a full inch taller than previously measured 22yrs old. That's a whole inch in 7 years!. 29 is a little late to be growing but it happened.


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