Friday, January 19, 2007

Debtwatch 3

It's occurred to me that with all the shenanigans over my change of blog... I've neglected to give an update on my current financial position.

Well despite the expenses that came with the Christmas, I managed to hold my own... just. I went slightly over my Christmas budget, but not in a bad way. I've once again put across £100 in my savings, in readiness for another big hit into my repayments.

I'm actually finding the nearer I get to being out of the woods, the harder it is to hold my course. Using some of my birthday/Christmas money, I bought myself a new suit in the January sales To be honest I did need one, my other two are looking their age and I have my dad's civic service coming up, as well as a wedding (no, not mine). I surprised myself by resisting the urge to buy an Ipod or Creative Zen and I actually managed to get interest CREDITED to my account instead of debited... OK so it was only 1p but it's a start.

It seriously looks like I'm not going to spend out, which is encouraging. I'm thinking of waiting till March and putting another £500/600 on the table. If I do this, I could seriously reduce my repayment schedule. It would have me debt free by the beginning of May.

I have also noticed that since I dealt my last unscheduled blow, the interest accumulation has halved.

I can see the faint outline of a financially debt free coastline on the horizon.


Thanks and praises to God above who made all these things by changing my situation, my fortunes and most importantly... my heart.

Balance left on debt: £1768.44
Cash in short term savings reserves: £100
Cash remaining in current account that I can probably spare for debt repayment £150.00

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  1. Additional Thought:

    About my comment about being near the difficulty of sticking to the track when we near the edge of the woods - I keep forgetting it is human nature. There is always a part of us that doesn't want us to succeed because on some level it is just as scary as failure... maybe even more so. When you have been in a labyrinth of caves for a long time, I guess it is always going to be painful for the first few minutes you emerge into the light.


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