Saturday, September 30, 2006

And Then There Was One...

Up until yesterday, I was not the only Nick working for Retirement Security Limited. As our office is relatively small and employs under 20 staff... it can get confusing at times with emails, faxes, letters and name calls that are usually only addressed by Christian name. The amount of times I received requests to authorize major structural alterations that should have gone to Nick Young - our Property Director, was pretty high... I only signed a few of them off as ok, though! If anyone from work is reading that... don't worry I'm just kidding, I always forwarded them on!

Nick, sadly for us has decided to move onto pastures new. I shall miss the mayhem, and confusion we caused... as well as his immensely dry wit. He's a good bloke!

We had a leaving do after work at The One Elm pub in Guild Street... not only was it a chance to say goodbye, but it provided an excellent opportunity to scoutr out the Stratford-upon-Avon Friday night post work night life that I usually miss.

I shall have to sample this more often.

I loved the atmosphere of the pub. The older staff members felt that the music was too loud... but it was alright for me... they played a good mix of indie, alternative and other stuff both retro/classic and modern. The seating and room sizes were quite intimate and the decor was stylish. We were provided with some vol-au-vents that looked suspiciously like removed appendixes or other minor organs... but actually tasted gorgeously addictive.

I was jokingly accused of hitting on one of the barmaids on account of the fact I thanked her for removing the empties.

Just before leaving I had a few close encounters... it had become quite busy in the main area around the bar, but I needed the loo pretty bad so I chanced the crowds. On the way, I bumped into a young lady from a local firm of estate agents who I had been keen on in the Summer... which was a nice surprise. I had a brief conversation, but decided to get out of there when I realized my conversation style had started to evolve into gibberish.

When I finally got to the loo... I had a mild panic attack. I entered through the white door and found myself in a tight 3ft square white ante-room and had trouble locating which "wall" had the door into the main toilet.

On the way back I had to wait while an entire convoy of punters came past on their way to the back of the pub. I was reclining against a pillar to give them the space to move past, a girl reached out and gently grabbed my tummy as she went past... what was all that about?

Anyway, I got back to the others and headed out of the door bidding Nick farewell... when I return to work on Monday, I shall once more be the only Nick there... I just hope I don't start getting property alteration requests.

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  1. hello! it is great to see you have finally given up on msn spaces, blogger is sooo much better!!!
    was lovely to find a comment from you on my space, made me smile anyway!
    keep it up, i love reading ur blogs!


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