Saturday, April 29, 2006


What a busy week in politics.

We started off with the news that the BNP (British National Party) are estimated to have an increase in support, somewhere in the region of 25% during the forthcoming County council elections. Although this isn't likely to manifest itself much in the way of seats... the news is till enough to grieve my spirit.

This is how it always starts isn't it?

A country gets claustrophobic due to being heavily populated... and the fingers start pointing at one group or another as being responsible for all the woes of the nation. The mainstream political parties do little to resolve the situation and eventually some group of nut jobs start promoting an agenda of hatred.

Instead of clinging to power and corruption, the mainstream parties need to acknowledge what is going on and come up with some real answers. One thing is certain as far as I am concerned. were the BNP to claim power in my area (unlikely), I would actively oppose them. Were they to ever come to power (heaven forbid), I would with heavy heart consider taking up arms against the nation. Not out of pride, not out of patriotism... but out of integrity.

Also in the news this week, the Home Office freed foreign nationals convicted of murder, rape and extreme violence... and then "lost" some of their whereabouts, instead of deporting them. Unsurprisingly, groups such as the BNP thrive on snippets like this... of course, if they had their way all foreign nationals would either be wearing identification armbands, detained in camps or driven into the sea.

Charles Clarke clings to his position when realistically, it is untenable. Incompetence or negligence have led to the release of criminals (who have been assessed as likely repeat offenders) into the community. He says he wants to stay to clear up the mess. A man of integrity would step down and still help out where he could. Naturally Clarke still (publicly at least) has Tony Blair's "full confidence"... but the last time when there were calls for the resignation of a minister (Ruth Kelly) he said exactly the same. At this rate, the day will come when a Government minister will be found in a room, standing over the bodies of innocents... clutching a knife and covered in blood.... and all the time, while voices cry out for justice... Tony Blair will express his "complete confidence" in his hapless colleague.

Then we had Patricia Hewitt insisting the NHS has had it's best year. Yes... right... and that's why a friend of mine has been messed about for so long while waiting for an essential gall bladder operation (because he could only be seen once a week). Nurses do a great job in this country and they are walked on for doing it. It's the same with all vocational jobs. If you do something that requires a kind heart as a profession... your paymasters will take advantage of you... and that is unfair, especially when you have executives aplenty wrapping hospitals up in more and more red tape.

Finally we have the news that John Prescott has had an affair.

Yes... I thought I'd stepped into an alternate reality myself for a moment too!

Alas, it is true. I honestly can't see why any sane woman (including his poor spouse) would want have union with such a man. he is gross... and he is a bully.

I ain't exactly a work of art... but for pities sake. The idea that Prescott is having more luck with women than me is as ludicrous as Princess Leia choosing Jabba the Hutt over Han Solo. Intolerable. The women who do these things must have precious little integrity. To sleep with a grotesque individual for a wad of money and media exposition, it's pretty low.

Finally we have Blair himself. Elected in 1997 under a promise to clean up politics, to counterpoint the sleaze of the Tories... and here we have him leading a scandal ridden, ragtag band of rogues... as guilty as the Tories ever were... and yet they get away with it because there is no real opposition. The media has taken it upon itself to grease the wheels of change. With no political power strong enough in it's own right, to stand against the Blairite army... the press and other media bodies have taken it upon themselves to do the dirty work. This is showing because they seize upon every little thing - even when a microscopic granule of drugs is found at Doctor John Reid's residence. I'm pretty confident he probably is as innocent as he claims in this case, but it just goes to show how keen the media are to exploit any injury in the Blair camp.

So next week, come election day I will be stuck again. I'm economically left wing and marginally liberal on the authoritarian scale. All the parties still occupy right wing economics so I can't choose, because my own personal integrity won't allow me to. Why should I choose the lesser of two evils? An exaggeration I know, but would you choose between Hitler and Stalin?

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