Monday, March 13, 2006

Bits & Bobs

My sister was knocked off her bicycle in London the other day. I would post up a few pictures, but I don't think she really wants me to. Needless to say she looks like she's been in the ring with Tyson... although I assure you if that were the case, he'd have come off MUCH worse... I talk from my own experience as a sibling. In her own words though, she currently looks like Pete Burns - so you can imagine how swollen her face is!

Psycho drivers cutting up cyclists on left hand turns is a trait typical of any sprawling metropolis. I have no love for cities, they are way too claustrophobic for my liking. I prefer to visit them and be blown away by their architecture and scale. They are good in small doses. For the most part, I like to walk down the street with a good deal of personal space... can't be doing with playing sardines on the pavement. I've always felt that packing people tightly into an urban environment is asking for trouble. When people live within that much proximity of one another, I can't help but think that it helps encourage road rage. Without personal space and the ability to get out of the constant gaze peoples faces... I can't help but think it's a contributing factor to road rage and aggressive relations between neighbours.

So here's hoping and praying for a swift recovery for my sis Charlotte!

On a lighter note I was mucking about with Yahoo's music video feature the other night and I was really impressed! Not only can you browse for music video's by your favourite artists, if you are signed into Yahoo... then you can also personalise the video player to suit your own music tastes. this appears to work in a similar way to Amazon's recommendation system. It takes data that you supply it with (in this case, your rating of music videos that Yahoo's player randomly selects) and compares it with songs/artists that other people who rated it well, have also chosen. All I can say is that it's both fantastic and addictive. You can rate things from OK to unmissable and you can even block songs or artists who you find offensive or downright dull. I took great delight in wiping out the entire Westlife back catalogue! I don't think I'll bother sticking Cd's in the computer for a while I've had so much fun!

And finally in totally unrelated news, my habit of having strange and vivid dreams seems to be resurfacing... and it is having noticeable effects on my psyche. Rather annoying effects. There's a rather attractive and seemingly nice girl who works for one of the local estate agents, it's been a pleasant experience passing like ships in the night every evening at the Post Office. However, ever since I had the dream last night I've felt like I should maintain a safe distance. Not out of fear or anything negative. It's just in my dream, I saw a girl who I was very keen on a while ago after a brief encounter... and when I woke up I just felt that showing any interest in any other girl would be wrong and disrespectful. This is CRAZY! I owe no particular loyalty to the girl, to the best of my knowledge she has never reciprocated any of the feelings I had for her... if the poor lass was even aware of how I felt at all... I'm like Mr Invisible here sneaking around in the shadows tying his guts in knots with endless "what ifs" and "maybes". Even if there were hope, she is a long way away. What is wrong with me... no matter how much distance I try to put between myself and any emotional attachment to her... a couple of months later she always seems to crop up in my subconscious! Is there no getting away from this? I feel like Sisyphus!

Any psychologists who can offer advice as to what my subconscious is trying to do to me (apart from drive me insane) are welcome to chip in and offer there opinions... this is damaging my calm!

Normal service will resume shortly...

Favourite advert at present is the Tetley's advert with the guy turning up to a pub fancy dress party that has a movie theme. Not only does he arrive in full replica Roman Armour (presumably as General Maximus from Gladiator), but he turns up with an entire Roman legion with ballistas and catapults to boot! Awesome. that's my style.... all or nothing!

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