Saturday, December 03, 2005

Please Put A Penny in Your Politician's Hat

Tis the season of goodwill... this must be why the politicians think we will be happy for them to grant themselves a 15% pay rise. I don't think they deserve it. I also don't think that their job warrants as much pay as they would claim is fair.

They might say the responsibility that comes with their position merits high pay. However, politicians don't just have responsibilities... they also have influence. That one word - influence, has value in terms of remuneration, it is practically a blank cheque. Corporations and businesses know the worth of having a politician on their boards of directors. To have a Member of Parliament lobbying issues that are beneficial to your organisation is very desirable. So a successful politician can expect to be approached by various businesses, all of whom wish to use the power of politics to boost profits. Although from a high moral standpoint, I believe this is wrong... for the purposes of this blog entry, I am looking at it purely in monetary terms. Other wealth generators include the writing of memoirs and guest appearances as speakers at dinner parties. You can also add a healthy tab in the form of expenses.

All of this and yet they abuse their positions terribly. Yesterday for example, a debate was taking place with regard to the definition of Law regarding defending your home against a burglar. One Labour MP was so opposed to the proposal, that he made a speech for three whole hours... just to make sure that the Commons didn't have time to vote on the issue.

That is one man imposing his will on the whole of Parliament. No better than Blair or Thatcher. As some of you know, I am opposed to the use of the Whips and political blackmail to press gang MP's into voting a particular way. Conscience and the will of the constituency should be the only contributing factors in a true democracy.

I have a much better solution. If politicians truly represent the people, then they should be paid according to their electorate. What I mean is that a politicians pay should equate exactly to the mean average pay of people in their constituency. It would never happen, but it would be fair.

Personally I think Parliament should be purged anyway. Although I find Cromwell quite a disturbing historical character and his campaign in Ireland was completely unjustified. I stand by him on one quote... someone should repeat these words in the House of Commons:

'You are no Parliament. I say you are not Parliament. I will put an end to your sitting.'

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