Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Strange Dreams

Alright, I haven't a clue what's going on inside my head at the moment. All I know is that my subconscious is throttled up to overdrive when I sleep at the moment.

Saturday Night:

I dream I am Jack from Lost (only a bit more successful with Kate), I discover a nest of brown wasps in the ground which I disturb by accident. They swarm of course, but they are weird... instead of stings they have four bright orange "spikes" that point outward from their midsection. They shoot them out like porcupines shoot quills... if you get hit by them, the area of skin they hit dries out and goes as hard and cracked as clay (unless you splash water on it... then it just bleeds... nice.

I also dreamed I was back at school (firstly on a visit to Bath, but later the school itself). In this dream Bill Clinton is addressing our assembly... then there is a UN Conference in Scotland. It is at this point that I uncovered a secret Government project to build a "brick shaped" aircraft known as the X-2. I prove it because the drag marks where it launches and lands are evident on the school's front lawn. To shut me and my mates up, we are taken to the conference on board the X-2... the insides of which looked like something from a believable science fiction film.

Sunday Night:

I dream I am talking to a friend on MSN, it is night time... I think it would be nice to surprise them and visit them. I climb out of a window and lower myself down a thick rope... I pass through a portal and let go of the rope. It is daytime. I stand in the presence of my friend and several other people on their driveway (if they even have a driveway... I don't know! I ask if I am in Wales and the answer is no. then I ask if i am in Wigan and the answer is "No, Wytham." I didn't know such a place existed (when I woke up I checked and yeah it does... on the outskirts of Oxford). They are pleased to see me, but it's not a good time. I think to climb back up the rope... but it is gone. They say their father will take me home and we meet, however he has travelled 200 miles already that day and is shattered. He agrees to take me home, but I insist he only takes me as far as a neighbouring town as it isn't fair on him. As we travel by car... I wake up.

Monday Night:

This one is Harry's fault!!!!!!!!! We had spent a good portion of the evening talking to two Mormons (who had the audacity to appear in my dream). In this dream, I think I hear God telling me to look at the scripture where he is before the Sanhedrin... and also to look at Matthew 28.

What is going on in my head??????????????????????

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