Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Police Restructuring

I'm not looking forward to the restructuring of the police as proposed by Charles Clarke.

I live in Warwickshire, which is one of the forces that are likely to get the chop. Policing at the moment is ludicrous, it seems you can vandalise, burgle or torch buildings, or beat up/stab people... and you'd be fairly confident that you'd get away with it. The police around us spend the majority of their time in their cars, and their priorities are to maintain an elaborate network of speed traps (don't get me wrong, speeding is an offence... but the roads they police are not normally the dangerous ones... and I feel their priorities should be to put an end to the increase in violation style crimes).

One of my work colleagues lives in Quinton, if you report a crime there... the phone call is picked up all the way in Leamington Spa, and responded to by a car in my town of Alcester (which is even further).

You might argue that centralising the police will eliminate the shambolic organisation of resources... but that's not likely to be what this is about.

What will inevitably happen with such a restructuring, is that resources will be focused on the urban centres... the major cities... rural communities will miss out (there's a shock!).

You might say that urban areas are more prone to crime because of their larger populations. However, modern crime is more complex than that; criminal gangs often use the cities merely as a platform for their operations. Increasingly, robberies and theft are becoming more common in suburbia and rural pockets just outside the cities... why? Because they are relatively poorly defended.

I don't believe this restructuring will benefit my neighbourhood at all. Besides, with the advent of the terror laws... it's probably just a cost cutting measure, it'll be easier to distribute jack boots if they only have to design them for one organisation rather than 43!

And another thing? Why is it always Warwickshire that gets picked on? They took our cities away from us (Birmingham and Coventry), they took our regiment... they charge capped us in the 90's and now they will likely take our police force away. It's especially annoying because we've got arguably one of the best symbols for a county... the bear! When you think of it that's quite appropriate. We are like a bear that is chained to a tree while dogs come up and take chunks out of us!

I'd like to see Warwickshire declare UDI and become a nation state, free from the tyranny of Blair!

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