Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Maze Scripure Union Camp 2005

Well, I just got back from The Maze SU Holiday Camp. I feel reasonably recovered now.

I had a good time, a blessed time and a hard time, despite the latter, it was most excellent and I have no regrets. The most intense day for me by far was Wednesday, when I was involved in most of the activities. I had my usual small group meeting in the morning, and then I played ultimate Frisbee with the young people (dressed as a native American), Wednesday was Time Travel Day. Most of the leaders and some of the young people dressed as characters from history, at my request as I was organising it. In the afternoon we played some time travel games. The first of which I got Jenni to look after... a guess the leader from their childhood photographs! The second game was more physical...everybody wore 1 touch rugby tags, and had to get to one of four time bases when I called out a code phrase. We had about 6 leaders in the middle of the field acting as "daleks". The young people seriously seemed to enjoy it which encouraged me. I then went into the main town dressed in full costume and war paint, to help get some material for later... that was a laugh! Later that night I preached on Psalm 51, and it seemed to be taken in well. Finally I was on night duty. so as you can imagine I was pretty wiped out.

The team really felt like family to me, and I totally miss them all. I also miss the young people. It was moving to see so many people among both groups being broken/challenged/comforted by God... I include myself in that equation. I made new friendships and strengthened older ones. I saw God moving and was very encouraged. The weeks theme was YZ and was based on the wisdom literature in the bible YZ=Wise geddit?

I thoroughly recommend you have a good read of them at some point. The Psalms are some of the most beautifully honest emotive dialogues with God you will find. The Proverbs are full of wise thoughts. Ecclesiastes is very good at analysing the futility of striving on this Earth without looking at things in the right perspective (with god at the centre and above all things). Song of Songs is wildly passionate, but always respectful of the foundation stones of true marriage, it also sees virginity as something to be protected and honoured until the time is right. Finally Job... a good exploration of where God is in suffering. What I find amazing, is that Job's friends at first said nothing when he came to them destroyed, distraught and covered in sores... instead they sat in silence and mourned with him for days. How often are we like that? Isn't it normally in our nature to try and shoot off advice at the earliest opening instead?

Anyway, there's a few thoughts for you. In a short while I will share my recent spiritual experiences with regard to relationships with you.


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