Monday, July 04, 2005

Alien Relations

You know, it's amazing some of the things you end up talking about at church. Some of the lads were talking about alien characters from science fiction who looked attractive.

This ended up moving onto the subject of, "if a hot alien woman came down from another planet, would it be OK to date and potentially marry?" (Leaving the aside the subject of beliefs clashing).

???????????? How did we get on to that???????????????????

There were two principle arguments. The first being, if they were sentient and had free will... then they could be classed as equal to us in God's eyes. So yeah!

Then there was the counter argument that if they were physiologically different from us, you'd be breaking the Torah. You know, the bit about only breeding each according to it's own kind.

Although it's an entirely apocryphal thing to talk about, I reckon if God was OK with it, he'd not make us that genetically incompatible. Some Christians think it heresy to suggest that there might be life out there. however, I know one theologian who is also an astronomy scholar who would give you 50/50 on it.

The big question for me is, if they exist... are they fallen like us? Or are they still in a state where their direct link to God was never broken? Imagine that.

Wouldn't it be tragic if there were say a few other sentient races out there, who only became sinful because of us. They fell, because mankind fell. That would just be awful.
Or what if God created each sentient species in such a way that they would all fall and require his redemption... this is certainly an idea backed up by some theological thinking, after all there is a thought that the plan for the cross existed before mankind existed.

I still can't believe we were seriously talking about it though. Slightly off topic, I managed to find out the name of the actress who played the blue twilek in episode III. She's Amy Allen. I have left a link to IMDB somewhere on here, so you can check her out for yourself.

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