Wednesday, June 29, 2005

There is a Storm Coming...

Sometimes, the news can get very depressing... but nonetheless, it's good to keep informed.

Last night was a good example. First there was the news that the ID card bill had passed through the first hurdle on it's way to become law. For those who don't know, this is my position:

As long as it was just a photo ID card with basic essential details on it, I'd be fine. However I resent the whole idea of biometric information being stored. I'm also highly opposed to the presence of a computer chip that can update the Government on your movements, every time you are processed somwhere using your ID. The Government has no God given right to know where on Earth I am, nobody does. As for the biological info. As for the bioligical information, I don't see why any government should be allowed to keep this on file. The Blair regime is corrupt enough as it is, however... can you even imagine what a truly maniacal government could do with access to that much data. In a worst-case scenario, if you became a political "problem" and they had access to your DNA; they could create a personalised toxin that would harm you alone. Imagine what Hitler could have done with access to the information that comprises the human genome, and the resources to develop specialised biological warfare. If you had the knowledge and the technological means, you could theoretically eradicate an entire genetic subgroup in a short space of time. That prospect chills me to the bone. Even if that wasn't the case, our biology is none of the Government's darn business. This isn't just something lawbreakers need to be fearful of, it doesn't matter whether or not you've got something to hide... privacy will begin to become a thing of the past. The current thinking on ID cards is barely a few steps away from skin implant tagging. Trust me, you don't even want to go there. Think about it, it would be the end of political free expression... because if you ever became inconvenient... you wouldn't be able to hide. I don't know any charismatically minded Christian who is actively for such a scheme. As it stands, about 84% of the public are opposed to it... so how the heck can Dr Evil (cough cough) sorry Mr Blair, even have the gall to claim that it's what most of the public wants?

As for making us pay for a compulsory scheme that we don't want, that's just taking the proverbial michael. It is no better than rubbing someones nose in excrement.

As if things weren't enough, the next story covered Zimbabwe. What the heck does my country think it's doing? Our Government is deporting asylum seekers back to a country where it knows they will come to eventual harm... probably death. I know asylum is an issue for many people, but Commonwealth countries should receive our priority in my opinion. If a country within the Commonwealth has become oppressive, I feel the UK is honour bound to take in people who flee from it. As a former colonial power, we must not forget that we share a degree of responsibility for the quality of democracy that has evolved. I'm not saying it's our fault. I'm just saying, if we've historically been in a country and messed about with it's power structure, we should be among the first to offer help when the wheels fall off. Even if we can't take them in ourselves, we should at least have an agreement with the rest of the Commonwealth to share out genuine asylum cases among them. The Government will not reconsider it's position, and the deportations will continue. They have however suspended them according to the Times, merely to keep the heat off Blair. Personally with regard to his career, I say let Mr Blair cook. He was a wolf in sheeps clothing from the start. The Commonwealth and the UK need to come up with a realistic and much stronger approach to dealing with Mugabe. What's the point in economic sanctions... the people who end up suffering are the poor and the common man. Dictators like Mugabe are experts at turning the anger and hatred that come from that into political brownie points. All evil dictators need to turn a people to war and persecution, is a scapegoat. Right now Mugabe is laughing because he's got exactly that, and it's us all the way!

We should never pick our fights on the basis of profitability... but on the worthiness of the cause. This is an issue I raised in an earlier, recent posting as well.

As I switched channels, I noticed the sound of thunder erupting across the dark, shrouded sky. Lightning flashed with intensity, as if God and nature themselves were angered by the politics of Britain at the moment. It seemed fitting to me, that according to the reporter, when the ID card vote was taking place, London was at the eye of a black and terrible storm.

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