Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Star Trekking

I was watching Enterprise the other day (I have to say I think the souped up version of the theme sounds really naff and US sitcom or Aussie soap-like). There were a couple of points I wanted to make about it.
The first thing is with regard to what has become a running joke with the T4 presenters at the end of each episode. The Enterprise fan's campaign to save the show at a cost of $30,000,000!
The fans of Enterprise have lost the plot a bit if you ask me. Although I'm not a humanist, I recognise that some of the Star Trek's ideology has value in the real world... namely: not being materialistic and working together as a race to overcome common problems. What could be more hypocritical than a group of people who like are inspired by a TV programme that preaches those values, clubbing together to raise money for a television programme? Think of the amount of good causes that money could be invested in... think of how such a sum could contribute to tackling some of the world's major problems! They should stop being so materialistic and let the programme die. there have been dozens of programme's I have liked, but when they've gone the way of the dodo, I've accepted it and moved on.
Having said that. I also wanted to make a point about the episode on Sunday. In it, one of the major character's falls in to a coma, and the Captain and Dr make a tough decision with regards to saving him. They take his DNA and inject it into a larvae that will take on the person's DNA and grow from infancy into a carbon copy of the character (in an accelerated life-span of 15 days). However it also acquires the personality and memories of him, as he reaches the approximate age of those memories.
The problem is, that the clone has been bred for one reason and one reason alone... to save the life of the genuine character. As he reaches a level of consciousness and awareness, he develops his own dreams, memories and attachments... he wants to live his life out himself irrespective of the consequences for the original character.
However, in the end he knows what the right thing to do is, and he does it. By losing his own life, he saves the life of a man who could not be saved by any other means.
This really came across to me as a parable of the story of Christ. He too, was born for a single purpose... he could have rejected that purpose and been whoever he wanted. Thank God, he didn't!

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