Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Pope

Just heard on Newsnight that John Paul II has received communion and is rumoured to have had the Last Rites read. If this is true, let us pray that the grace of God passes to him in his last hours, and that the Lord brings forth a spirit filled successor. One who will strive to galvanise ecumenism. One who will cut through liturgy and legalism, and take the focus away from earthly trappings, and but Jesus firmly at the centre of the equation.

My prayers are with the Pope and Roman Catholics, I personally don't see the Pope as someone who has authority over me, but as he was kind enough to respond on two occasions to correspondence I sent him, he is in my thoughts and prayers.
However I strongly disagree with what the Vatican preacher said the other day at the Easter service... "Come back Holy Father, come back! Easter is not Easter without you!"... au contraire I say. Christ's death and resurrection make Easter, not the presence of any mere man of authority in any denomination.
Since this last entry it's been confirmed the Pope has blood poisoning, heart failure and circulatory problems... he has also definitely been administered the last rites. May his passage be as swift and painless as possible.

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