Sunday, February 27, 2005

Christian Girls

I've noticed something in recent years, and it's a little bit depressing. If you take a look around you in Britain today, or at least my corner of it. You don't find many Christians of my age group, even less who are girls. There seem to be many teenagers, and many 35-40 somethings.... but 25-30 uh-uh. They just drop off like some strange disease afflicted the church populous at that time.

I am beginning to think that my age group is the lost generation. It's hard to find people my age who have a solid faith, heck even a rudimentary one would do, if it showed signs of developing... but for many I bump into, faith just seems to be an accessory that they wear when it suits them.

And what infuriates me even more, is that those girls that do exist go after lads who will hurt them... people playing the field, and false Christians. There are single people I know, who will justify relationships with anyone, on the basis that they can save them for Christ. OK fine... so why can't you bring them to Christ first and then go out with them?
I learned the hard way it doesn't always work like that. for five and a half years I continued to go out with someone who lost their faith while I was going out with them. It was like a prison sentence... and I won't make that error again if I can help it.
Am I the only person who plays by the rules... if I am, then it's costing me dear, but that's no reason to stop doing it.
If you see any Christian twentysomethings, send them my regards! Heck if you are one, tell me if I'm right about the situation... is it like a wilderness where you live too?
I guess I feel like Treebeard from The Lord of the Rings, or something akin to him anyway. You know, the Ents are still kicking around but the Entwives have all cleared off to new pastures!
Regards and blessings


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