Sunday, May 19, 2024

Modus Operandi

 I feel that God has been speaking some forgotten truths itnto my heart. Many years ago I got into an online scuffle where I had taken another blogger under my wing (back in the days of MSN Spaces), and had leapt to their defence when a hostile blogger had staqrted trolling them, My response was to start posting on the bloggers wall and try to be supportive. All this resulted in was being targeted by the young man doing the trolling, and drawing all his fire on to me. In  truyj, I was okay with that in truth... because I had achieved my primary onjective and that was to take the heat off my friend. It subsequently tuned out (after multiple deletions of pure trolling attacks), that my would-be adversary let his mask slip and actually made a genuine point about some personal pain and grievance in his life. What he probably waasn't expecting was my not deleting that post and actually directly responding to it. In the end an uxpected peace and respect broke out.

Why am I bringing up this anecdotre? Well I believe ir turns out that past is prologue. You see, it turns out that my usual method wah of dealing with issues used to involve me ecomiing a tank. Let's just say in D&D terms I'd probably be a hill dwarf fighter paladin with massive healing.

Anyway I'd forgotten a lot of this personal character trait but I've recently been reminded of it because I think God may have use of it for me once again, hence the reminder.

So I figured I'd  leave you with an example of this behaviour in action. For a comparison see Captain Sulu's timely arrival at the Battle od Khitomer in Star Trek VI.


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