Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gold, Frankincense and Merc?

We all know the story... three travellers from a distant land spot a star in the East and head westwards on an arduous, challenging quest.

Okay, so there's no biblical evidence that there were only three magi and the star may have been a number of perceived astronomical events... not necessarily a single star. Yes, I'll even grant you the fact that the wise men of old were not even in the nativity scene, but actually made their visit at a later date (hence being acknowledged during Epiphany rather than at Christmas). However, that didn't stop me getting excited and pricking my ears up when I saw this trailer:


I wasn't so excited by the New York Christmas special... but I was going as giddy as a kipper with the second special... where Clarkson, Hammond and May seem to be starting a journey in Iraq, that requires them to acquire gold, frankincense and myrrh...

... destination Bethlehem anyone?

I'm particularly excited about this because about a year or so ago, I actually wrote in to the Top Gear offices with a suggestion along similar lines. I doubt the producers have drawn inspiration from anything I put forward... after all this idea is a sitter isn't it? I mean come on... three kings/magi... three presenters; an epic journey (Top Gear have recently made a big thing of making specials that feature extensive road trips); and finally, it's Christmastide. All these ingredients make a Christmas Top Gear Magi Special seem to be an until now, overlooked inevitability. So as I said, I doubt my contribution via email all that time ago has had much resonance... but I can dream can't I?

Now... I wonder whatever happened to my idea for a Doctor Who Christmas story involving multiple incarnations of the Doctor and the Magi....

Steven Moffat are you listening?

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  1. It seems that I was correct... more recent Top Gear trailers have revealed that the special IS going to be a cover of the magi's journey.


    I cannot wait!!!!!

    Be good to see Bethlehem again... albeit this time from afar.


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