Saturday, December 11, 2010

Computer Says No...

So I was tinkering*... tinkering like a fool... and I appear to have broken my blog.

Somehow, don't ask me how... my list of blog "friends" (blogs I visit periodically and encourage others to read), randomly emptied itself. I've managed to restore a couple from memory and will have a brainstorm in the morning to try and figure out who/what/why/where happened.

However, one should always try and make the best out of adversity or misfortune and so I'm asking you the good people of... wherever you are, to recommend new sites you think are worthy of adding. Now is your chance to plug yourself or shine a light on the work of others**. With any luck...

"Your name shall also go on ze list... Vot is it???!!"


* What do you think of the new layout and menu bar? Does it work?

** If you are a robot, spambot or any other non-human infiltrator... this is not an option or opportunity for you.  Wait... why am I even typing this???

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